Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What ever happened to some good old fashioned romance?

A time when men opened doors for women, called them sweetie, hunny, baby, Miss, Mam and really meant it? I need romanced. The cards, flowers, little notes. All those simple good old fashioned butterfly feelings. Why is it so hard for men?

Im not even a man and can figure that kind of stuff out.
Are men these days absolutely clueless? What ever happened to surprising a woman and REALLY making it a surprise?

I can't stand men when they are like "hey, I have alittle surprise for you" ... listen- your already blowing it! A true surprise is when someone doesn't even know its coming. It happens, your shocked! your awed! then your thankful.

Instead its turned into you waiting all day for it, sick. Wondering what it could be.. is he popping the big question? is it something magnificent? What could it be? Only to find out later its just a dinner date at your favorite restaurant. Then, its not as enjoyable becuase the man stamped "secret" on it, and made it a bigger event then it had to be.

Nothing is better than unexpected flowers, little notes left on your car, or even letters in the mail. or even a sweet txt message, or email (since we are now in 2008 lol) Ive only been truly "romanced" by two people. One being Emma's father. He would leave notes everywhere, Leave little gifts places, under my car seat, in my locker at school... in my coat pocket. He would surprise me constantly. I never felt more romanced then with him. Surely, he turned out to be a pig, but in all honesty, he was a good romancer. Its not even about the gifts he bought me. just the fact that he cared to think of me. I loved getting notes in my car, or going outside to see that my car was washed, and my gas tank was full.... and a small note telling me he loved me.

I loved how he pulled out a necklace for me while we were waiting for our movie to start one night at the cinema.

just little things like that. Why do men think they can get women for nothing? Why dont they feel the need to impress us anymore? Even if you're married. If your husband still isnt doing these things then he is taking you for granted.

What ever happened to going to a nice fancy restaurant, having the car door opened for you, and the door opened too? I need that kind of man. I need a man to treat me like a lady. If more men treated women like temples of life the world would be a better place. I don't think this is the "dream world". I think fairytales do come true. I dont think there should ever be a dull moment in the "dating" scene, or even in the marriage scene.

Love is just one of those things. something that makes your head spin... your body float. something that truly has you head over heels, not in over your head.

Im still waiting. For that perfect man. ... for my perfect fairy tale. In the meantime- Im going to set my expectations high. :)

Me little

My mom has this pic of me when I was like 5-6 yrs old, and seriously would bawl if something happened to it. She refuses to give it to me, or let it out of her nightstand for more than 20 minutes at a time. lol

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Red Lipstick

People more than ever are turning back to the RED RED lipstick. I have been wearing it for the past two years, but its definitely not a daily regime. Something is sexy about red glossy lips, and white white teeth. Not everyone can pull off red. You must have a great smile, nice teeth, nice lips, and if your teeth are ANYTHING but white- It WONT work. Nothing is more tacky than seeing red lipstick with YELLOW teeth.

It is definitely only on my lips when going out.. AT NIGHT. I say its a big nono to wear such a vibrant shade during the day. I only wear a shear gloss, or a pinky color during the day.


New Fence!!

We are getting our new fence put up this weekend!!! I can't wait!! Now we can finally do the things to our backyard that we have been planning! We are getting Emma a swingset, and a playhouse! when summer comes back we will be planting a HUGE garden! And FINALLY getting our POOL!

Mags that are in my home

I am a total Celeb Gossip girl. I love all the gossip, especially if it has something to do with none other than the notorious, Britney Spears! lol I love her.

Anyways- here are the mags that I have currently in my home.

  • Vogue
  • Star
  • National Enquirer
  • Bazaar
  • Elle
  • Redbook
  • Southern Living
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Glamour
Can't get any better than that! ;)

Life's Essentials

There are a few things Every Woman needs in life:

  • God
  • Family
  • Enough money to live comfortably
  • One best friend. Someone you can confide all your secrets, and all your dreams to... who WONT judge you
  • A very fashionable wardrobe
  • An easy get away. Whether its a manicure, a friend in another state, a spa.. Somewhere you can go, and clear your head
  • One good man you can depend on. Doesn't have to be a significant other, it can be your father, your brother, grandfather.. Just one man that if you need something EVER, he will always be there at your assistance.
  • a Direction in life- Whether its having kids, staying home, being mommy, or wonderwoman in an office, or living your dream career.
  • Purpose. Whats your life purpose? Why do you think you are here? what are some things you want to do before you leave? Set goals- and achieve them

Vision Board

Here is the vision board I have been working on. Its more completed then the picture. I took the picture earlier today.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ill post another pic when its completely full :)

If you didn't see my entry before, I made a vision board. In the middle of the board I have a photo of me and Emma, and around it, I put things that I want in life, or things that I love about life.

Its really nice :) When I am done, I will hang it up on a wall so I can see it everyday :) its a reminder of my goals, things I want for my future etc. :)

Update on Neglectful Post

I am doing EVERYTHING I have put on that list! I am so proud of myself. Sometimes you need a good ass kickin' from the person who knows you best- yourself!

Something I am thankful for


I have this water filtration system down here that I absolutely LOVE! Its so nice becuase sometimes when I want tea, I can have it... otherwise i have ICE COLD water! I drink a ton of water and have to refill it semi weekly. This is something I am VERY thankful for :)

Re-decorating the Bathroom

I am going to be doing some "redecorating" in my bathroom here in the next few days. I cant wait. I just have a half bath down here, so Its not a FULL bath ... BOO! But anyways- Tomorrow I am buying some storage things for my room, and while I am there I am going to pick up some hand towels. Im really excited about this, I haven't made anything here "like home" And I thought the most I could do is make my bathroom alittle more personalized. Its actually a rather large bathroom. I might look into putting a bathtub/shower combo or at least a shower in it.

I just want a space that I can sit. Put on makeup, do my hair, etc. I have been going upstairs in my moms bathroom to get ready for like the last yr, so I thought it would be nice to make my own "space" Hopefully my dad will help me carry my white cabinet downstairs so I can put it in the bathroom. I cant wait.

I would love to put a vanity, with a mirror, and a cute antique chair in there (Yes its THAT big lol)

Actually tonight I converted my windowsill as a computer desk. I have two desks down here, but I think its nice to sit by the window. I have a pretty chair that I put next to the window, and I plan on keeping my laptop here. I think its sooo nice. Even right now, I have the window open, Its dark... but NO ONE can see me because Im "underground".

Its really nice. I have really pretty drapes that make it look sooo nice. I might go pick some roses, and put them in a vase and sit them on here too. Right now I am sitting here, with the fan on me (its rather warm in here) and drinking hot tea. What a perfect little spot to be "alone".

Now that I am starting to personalize my space I am actually starting to like it. I mean, Its really big down here. I have nothing to complain about.. I have a big screen tv, nice couch, a popcorn machine, a dining room, a sitting area, office area, bedroom area... and my own bathroom. Its not as bad as I make it out to be, I am very lucky.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tomorrow's List

I have a small list of things I have to get done tomorrow:

  • wash my down comforter- Doing so, I will have to go to the Laundry mat becuase it wont fit in my washer and dryer here.
  • Fill out the rest of my papers, and take the test for my cosmetology license
  • Send an letter to Indiana's Cosmetology asking for them to send transfer papers over to Missouri
  • Fill out, and MAIL my voters registration forms
  • Fill out a few job applications


Tonight for dinner I am making Fajitas. I am going to make the tortillas myself, which I will be doing here in a few minutes. I have green peppers, red peppers, onions, and chicken. I didn't know what I was going to make for dinner, becuase we didnt have much, but turns out tonight will be a really good dinner anyways.

Im so mad becuase we dont have salsa, or sour cream! grr Im going to see if we have any tomatoes, becuase Ill just make one from scratch. There is nothing to do about the sourcream lol.
I plan on just eating the chicken with the vegetables. Trying to keep my carbs and calories low. lol

Its just me, emma and my brother tonight.

The rest of the family is in town with my sister, who has pitching lessons.


After sitting tonight, and pondering to myself about the "little" things that have been bothering me lately, which I must say right now, to even complain about things so mediocre makes me look like a fucking prude,yes, there are more important things in life, but for fucks sake this is my damn blog and I can talk about whatever the hell I want. So hold tight, here ya go. I'm going to let ya have it.

There are so many things I have been neglectful about lately and I really need to put my foot down and stop putting up with MY bullshit.


  • Taking out my contacts everynight. Would you believe I have gone MONTHS without taking them out ONCE?! How neglectful for my eyes!
  • Washing my face before I go to bed, yet I have been complaining lately about my small breakouts. Yes, I did say SMALL. It gets late, and I excuse myself saying, Just go to bed. Its alright. NO ITS NOT!
  • Lets not even go into the sometimes "excusing" myself from brushing my teeth before bed either. I mean, I have straight teeth, pearly whites, FUCK IT. but EW! Gross.
  • How I have been saying the day that I moved here that I have been wanting to put my white armoire in the bathroom... Yet it is still sitting in the GARAGE! *roll of the eyes*
  • In the armoire I have been wanting to put all my makeup, all my hair products, hair stuff, etc. And more importantly, I wanted to treat myself to buying nice crisp white expensive towels so that I can keep up with my beauty regime!
  • I bought all these face masks, and even watched a man at the airport DUMP some of them because I put them in my carry on like a fucking retard, and have I used the ones that I have? NO!!
  • My lotion. NO I do not put it on after EVERY shower. Seriously, as I am writing this I am constantly rolling my eyes, and remembering the PRE baby Missy, who would have shuttered to the thought of ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  • The Tea set that I have been stalking on EBAY. The seller keeps putting it up becuase NO ONE is buying it, and its completely a great price, and I know Ill just slam my head on the desk the day I go on there, and its GONE. Told you to buy it! But noooo
  • All the vitamins I bought at GNC, and Children's vitamins I bought for Emma. We NEVER take them. It will be ALL my fault when winter comes, and my kid is sick from Dec-Feb.
  • EXCERCISING. Like, I took a break becuase of my heel, but Its NOT getting any better, and while waiting for IT to heal, I rolled my ankle while in FL, and so I am just going to run my fucking fat off and HOPEFULLY from the lost weight BOTH will heal just fine!
  • Eating better- I need to stop living by my mothers motto- "wait til Monday" and start CARING. Lord knows I obsess over it a thousand times a day ANYWAYS. Its time to put my thoughts into actions and FINALLY lose the weight I have been caring around for the last FOUR YEARS.
  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour. Shit Im writing this and its 4:30 in the morning!
  • Go to bed in my underwear. I havent done that in a YR! Who gives a shit if someone comes down here. this is MY space god damnit!
I am so sick of being so neglectful to myself. This is absolutely rediculous. I want this whole "happy" Missy, but I refuse to take care of the little things that have been poking at me like needles. I need to take better care of myself. Shit, I look down at the fingers that are typing this, and would you believe my nailpolish is CHIPPED. CHIPPED! ME! With CHIPPED POLISH!

Im officially done with my intervention. My face is completely clean, and my teeth taste like the red cinnaniman Crest toothpaste. And YES I took out my contacts, and am WEARING MY GLASSES, while sitting in my UNDERWEAR.

Looks Like We are off to a good start-so here's the next on my list- I am OFF to BED!

The Neglectful,

Tried Something New!

Today at Chipotle we all tried this Sparkling Juices. I got the Clementine one. It was soooo good. My sister also got one, and liked it. My brother and parents got the grapefruit ones.
Its hard for me to try new things, so when I do, and Im happy It just makes my day lol I love finding new things that I like. Its not like a pop... its like a carbonated juice. Its made up of like 70 % juice, its WAY better than Pop.

The company is a great company. Their buildings and plants are powered by wind, All the bottles have been recycled (and can be) They really give back to the communty also, and give money to charities. Its a great product, and great people behind it :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I finally got my Sex and the City Collection, and my Gossip Girls Season 1 collection!

It seriously took like 25 days to get here!

I am just so glad its FINALLY here! I am totally NEVER buying anything from Canada again. I ALWAYS Have issues with the things getting here! I can't wait to start watching my collections~ Monday I am going to watch the whole first season of The Gossip Girl. Then Ill get caught up on the computer about whats going on.

I think Ill sit around tonight and watch some Sex and the City ! I am just ecstatic that it came!


We had chipotle for dinner tonight!! My favorite place !!!

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Worlds of Fun

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Tonight we went to Worlds Of Fun ! We road coasters, and went through some of their "haunted" places. We went to this Dollmaker haunted house. It was AWESOME! They had naked babydolls in one of the rooms, covering the walls, and on the floors. The babies were PEEING on us lol!

It was so creeepy. there was one room with probably 100000 barbies everywhere, and another room with like hundreds of stuffed animals, you had to climb through them all. It was so scary. There were people walking around, and yelling at us. lol

We just got home, and we are EXHAUSTED! Emma spent the day in Scooby Land. Me and my parents switched kids. I took Andrew and Lexi around, and she and my dad took Emma. ;P

Amish Peanut Butter

I made some tonight! its sooo good with Fresh Homemade Bread, rolls, or even crackers.

Heres the recipe:

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/4 cup marshmallow creme
1 cup light corn syrup


In a mixing bowl, stir all the ingredients together till combined. Place in a covered container. Store in refrigerator. Bring to room temperature to serve as a bread spread or ice cream topper.

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is what I got:
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a sundae with bananas!

I love bananas. Bananas are my fav. fruit, and when it comes to flavors for food, I like anything banana.


I wish I was going out tonight...

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Ive just been on my site, catching up on some posts. I haven't been on hardly this week. Its nice to get time to SIT and check posts.

I wish I was going out. I bought all these new clothes, and have no where to go. lol I wish I had starbucks around, because I would so make an excuse to leave and grab a latte!

Emma is STILL not asleep. We are watching the upside down show right now, I think she will be asleep here soon, shes so tired from being outside all day. She really needs a bath becuase she came in sweaty, but its too late. Time just really flew today. Shell get a bath in the morning.

I am really surprised. I have been wearing my glasses ALL day!
I feel really smart wearing them. lol

Once Emma gets to sleep I'm going to wash my face, put on some PJs, and look for a good movie on tv. I love my quiet time. I definitely will open a bottle of wine or champagne too :)
I wish we had some fruit. I think all the fruit for the week is gone already! Booo.

I think I'm going to go Sonic

Yup. I'm going!
I'm going to try something new!
Definitely nothing coffee- I HATE their coffee drinks !


I bought some clothes online and am completely happy with them!!!


This is the company I bought through. Alot of their clothes are alittle hoochie for my liking, but I found some that aren't, and they were great priced! I was so completely happy with the 3 shirts I purchased, that I bought another three yesterday.

there sizes are reallllllly off. Depending on your size, they run very small. Check the size charts. I wasnt the size I thought I was!

Slavin' in the Kitchen

Today I have been slaving in the kitchen!

Firstly, I made Fried Pickles, and Fried Green Tomatoes!

I took some Jumbo pickles, cut them into spears, and chips:
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Then I put out some Milk, Eggs, And flour (with Salt and pepper)
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Then I dipped the vegetables in the milk first, then egg, then flour mixture
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Then I fried them in our deep fryer!
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here are some of the finished tomatoes:
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Also, another thing that was made were these Candied Apples:
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And, Also Deviled Eggs!
If you knew anyone I know they would tell you, my deviled eggs are the BEST!
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Of course, I put paprika on them, but I also add an olive slice, and to a few of them, hotsauce !

Needless to say, I am DONE cooking for the day. I am exhausted. :)

Fried Pickles.

I absolutely love Fried Pickles. I think we are going to make some tonight for dinner.

They are my favorite <3>

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, I finally ditched the French manicure for the summer, and changed my piggies to FALL!
Check them out!!

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dont mind the mess in the background, or the Greys Anatomy on the TV, LoL!
Or my finger toes
Here is the Color I picked out:

Its Haute Chocolate Frost By Sally Hansen

My new glasses

Here they are!
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Ill post a pic of me wearing them the next time I get dressed up lol

Thursday Night TV!

Tonight I watched Survivor-

And then right now I am watching Greys! I love Greys, but I havent seen it in FOREVER! I am sooooo behind :(
Now residents, the crew of Grey's Anatomy get their own interns to kick around—including Dr. Meredith Grey’s half-sister. Searches are hot for spoilers, rumors, cast updates and soundtrack. Speaking of cast, Kate Walsh has opened her own Private Practice, but Katherine Heigl has bragging rights  thanks to her Best Supporting Actress Emmy. The ABC show ranks third on the Yahoo! Buzz list. (Returns Sept. 27)ABC/Bob D'Amico - Wednesday, September, 12, 2007, 6:12 PM

I have to get caught up!

Bedtime Stories!

I can't wait to see this!! it comes out near Xmas!

I love Adam Sandler!!


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We got these today, yummo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Night

So, I was thinking today, and I think it would be SOOOO fun to host a party! I would invite all the moms from the neighborhood to hang out. It will be on my back porch (we have a BIG backporch with nice chairs to sit, and a huge diningroom table, and like 8 chairs with it. (it actually went in my parents house, but since they have downsized, it doesnt fit ANYWHERE! my parents have 3 diningroom sets, and 4 living room sets lol) anyways, the theme would be "A Sweet Night" Everyone has to dress up, and we could eat sweets, candy, pastries, etc. and drink champagne while playing yuker!

I realllllly want to do this. I am going to pass it by my mom tomorrow. I really want to get cups, tableclothes, pretty plates, invites, etc.! Here are some ideas for inspiration:




The best part is there will be NO CHILDREN allowed ! haha

Playhouse for Emma!

I really want to get this for Emma. I am all about it. Its soooo cute!! Its really dirt cheap right now too, only like 240, when its usually about $500 I believe.
I want to get it for Emma soooo bad. Only, its kind of small. I would like to get her a bigger one. She is definitely getting a swingset/fort. But I still want to get her a house too.
I would love to get her this one:
Its 2,400 dollars though!!! Yikes. I'm still considering though
Isn't this tent so cute too?
We can play outside all year, so we can buy outdoor toys anytime.