Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bumble bee & ladybug

Monday, September 27, 2010


We got a puppy today!!

She is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! Emma named her Alice (Disney character tradition)
Alice is 10 weeks old, and I got her from my good friend's friend. Belle and Emma are on cloud nine. Belle thinks she is a mother now! lol

The resemblance of Alice and Belle is crazy. They look like twins !!

Updated- Halloween Costume!

Well.... Emma isn't going to be an indian afterall! She will be a pretty mermaid!!

Sooooo cute <3

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Emma and me are dressing up the same for the first time.

I think we are going to be indians.. If I can find an outfit I would wear lol

Blast from the past... Emma's first halloween : )


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Emma with her Pap :)

We went to dinner with Papa Ron tonight :)

Emma pretending to be a zombie. lol
We love hanging out with our Papa :)

Martha Stewart.

Yeah. I felt like her the last few days.

I made dill pickles!


I used cucumbers from the garden :)




Then I made homemade blueberrys :)
They were so good :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sushi again!

 My favorite sushi- Vegetarian :)
 Andrew eating octopus
He is much more adventurous than me

Monday, September 20, 2010

I know who I want to marry.

Chuck Bass.
chuck bass Pictures, Images and Photos

He's my ideal man. Lives in the city, is powerful... bad boy who is devoted to the love of his life. :)

I'm in love!

Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasures. I love love love it.


By the time dinner rolled around, we weren't too hungry. I made fried rice :)



After being home for only 20 minutes...

What do they doing to these kids?

Playing Hookie

So today wasn't too busy at work, so I decided to leave!

I didn't want waste this precious alone time, so I went and looked at antiques, and then treated myself to lunch!

I didn't buy anything while shopping (Woohoo!) but I did enjoy browsing. Emma loves going antique'ing with me, but its nice to be able to look without a 5 yr old asking to a. get a drink b. go to the bathroom c. ask if she could get a certain toy d. ask when we were leaving

For lunch I headed towards home, and stopped in Oak Grove. I had PT's for lunch. Their sign has said 'Fried Green Tomatoes' all summer, and everytime I pass the restaurant I think about how much I would looooove some! So today I decided to try this restaurant!

I had sweet tea., pork tenderloin, and fried green tomatoes. MMmmmmmMmmm.
This was probably the most fattening biggest, yummiest sandwich ever!
Needless to say, I didn't even eat 1/4 of my fried green tomatoes.... after a few I decided I needed a box... and decided to share the love with my Mom. I got another pork tenderloin to go, took it to my moms, and there we ate the rest of the fried green tomatoes together. I don't think I will want dinner tonight- Its 4pm and I am still about as stuffed as I was leaving my moms house hours ago!

Saturday Nights I love


This Saturday me and Emma played Super Mario Bros on wii! In between we took a break and drank hot chocolate in bed. The crazy storm we had made that night even more cool :)


lost Pictures, Images and Photos
I know this show is over... but since I haven't ever watched it I decided to start!

Lost Pictures, Images and Photos

I have netflix on my wii, so I am watching all the seasons, on my own time!

I am almost done with season one. I now know why there are so many die hard LOST fans! It is such a good show!!! I love the concept, I wish I was LOST on an island too lol
Lost Pictures, Images and Photos

Sad news

Three months ago we got a kitten. Her name was Tink. We adopted her from our vet, and fell in love with her instantly.

Belle and Tink got along so well, and would play together, and cuddle too

She got shots, spayed, etc. 30 days ago. last week I noticed that she was loosing weight- FAST. I called the vet, took her in, and they weighed her- she lost a whole pound, and she was only 4lbs to begin with. The vet checked her out, ran a few tests, and concluded that he thought she had a disease- and that it was fatal.

Emma was with me. She didn't know what fatal meant- thankfully. One of the helpers walked Emma out of the room and let her see all the animals they had.

The vet sat me down and told me that he was 99.9% sure she had this disease that she caught from her mother days after she was born. Her lungs were filling up with liquid, and it was hard for her to breathe. He said we could run the tests, but it would cost $300, and we would be fighting a loosing battle. I cried.

I cried like a baby. I couldn't believe it, I thought maybe she was just loosing weight due to her having surgery, or that she was sick, something, anything other than this!

I asked the dr if I should go home and think about it (?) I panicked. What was I going to tell Emma? Emma loves this cat so much

He told me that my kitten would soon endure lots of pain. He recommended leaving her there so she could be put down.

This was the hardest thing. He asked me if I wanted to be there when he administered the drugs; and with Emma being there I knew I couldn't handle it. So I pet my kitten, and walked out of the room, with the biggest pain in my heart.

I paid the bill, and left with Emma. My face was tear stained, my heart broken. When Emma asked me on the way home when we were going to pick up Tink the pieces left of my heart shattered.

When we got home I called my mom, and she suggested that we tell Emma that her kitten is with her mom, and that they were looking for her, and for her to get better, she needed to be with her mommy.

What do you tell a 5 yr old? The truth? I couldn't. I wanted to; but I could not tell her she was dead.

Emma was sooo devastated, and sad, but I feel like maybe this is better than her knowing what really happened.

We had this kitten for 3 months. I can't believe how much apart of our family this kitten has became with us until she was gone. I am not even a cat person. Not at all. I loved her so much.

Belle has been depressed, the last few days Emma has mentioned her, and has been sad. I told Emma that maybe she can ask Santa for a playmate for Belle for Christmas.

Emma said she would love to have a puppy. I think Santa will get her one, or maybe I will take her to the humane society, and let her pick out the perfect puppy for us.

this whole ordeal has been so tough....

Has anyone had an animal die? How did you break it to your child(ren)?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dinner :)

I took some wheat tortillas  and cut them up, sprayed a tiny bit of lowfat cooking spray, and baked them in the oven...
Then I made chicken tacos :)

tink's fav spot

she loves to cuddle :)

New fave

I love sushi. I can't get enough!!! For someone who hates seafood, this is a milestone from me, and very surprising. lol
Sushi Pictures, Images and Photos
I have had it 2 times now, and I am craving it as we speak!!

Movie Night

The other night me and Emma relaxed at home after her Tumbling and watched the movie Up again :)

It was nice. I love vegging out with my little love.

Royals :)

Lastnight I went to a Royals game with Brandon, Mallory and Brandon :)
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We had so much fun. We were in a suite box. It had a sitting area, huge table, bar, all the food/drinks we wanted then a balcony we could sit and watch the game.

I have never seen a game in such style. :)

So fun!

Even better, the Royals won!
The stadium is soooo awesome. I have never been to such a cool stadium.
As far as food and drinks, I had a margarita (only one, didnt feel so great lastnight) a brat, wings, fruit, veggies, cheese... they had pretzels, nachos, hamburgers, anything and everything you could think of... and later on in the 7th inning they brought a dessert cart and I choose chocolate icecream- yum. We were all stuffed!