Saturday, June 21, 2008

Emma and her bestfriend

Emma and her bestfriend Belle

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My New Purse!!

I got this Chanel bag today in Chinatown!

I definitely think its real considering they made me "Sneak" into a hidden room to pick out which one I wanted. Who knows! I also got a matching wallet, and Chanel Sunglasses.
Me and by Hubby had so much fun!

Dinner was a bust, and it was so effing hot outside.. but nothing is better than being with my man :)

Alex got turtles! haaa

Friday, June 6, 2008

My birthday!!!

Its my birthday today!!! I am 22! Yay!

Today I spent most of the day downtown in Manhattan. I went to the world trade center site, and then went shopping. I went to a winery, and met a real nice local newyorker guy who owned it. We talked for a long time, and he told me of alot of places to go to!

I went to the famous Murrays in Greenwich Village on Bleeker
and picked up some Brie for me and Alex! <3
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Then I took a cab back to Alex's apartment and got all pretty'd up because we went to see:
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Sex in the City!! The best movie ever!! It was GREAT, and even more great that Alex came with me!!
After that we got in bed and ate our Brie! PERFECT PERFECT day :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy Week

Yesterday I went to the amusement park. I had a great time, but couldnt stand stupid assholes who screamed and were annoying. These usually were kids that were from middleschool-early highschool. Please.. get a life.

Anyways it was really fun, only everything was expensive, and some of the rides HURT me.

Tomorrow is Emmas birthday, and so for the most part I have been getting ready for that.
We are going to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and then having cake at home. I ordered a Care Bear cake for her.. which she will just LOVE.

5 days and it will be my birthday !! woohoo! lucky me I will be in NYC with alex, which I leave the 9th for.

I really hope this only brings us closer together... I really want to figure out what to do with my life because presently, I am not doing much of ANYTHING ;P

I really hope he doesnt want to stay in New York becuase I really dont want to live there... I am scared that if he gets the job, things just might now workout between us. I will be there a week, so we will see how everything goes.

Some things I need to get taken care of before going to NYC are:
  • Get alittle tan. Even if alex doesnt like me tan I feel like utter shit when I am this ghostly white.
  • get a pedicure
  • and a manicure
  • Find outfits that I am going to wear... UGH.
  • find a bag big enough that can fit all of my shiiiiit
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i feel like crap today. I wanted to write a blog, but have nothing to say. booo

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I haven't been on to Blog in awhile, So here is an update.

I am dating Alex, and have been off and on for about a year now. He now lives in Manhattan and it is getting incredibly hard not having him physically near me.

I really see a future with us both, but as of right now, he is busy with his internship, and I just can't wait around... I have to start planning what I would like to do, with/without him. I cant "bank" on our relationship working out, I have my life to live and I have to make decisions for me and my daughter.

Finding jobs here has proven to be one of the hardest tasks I have been faced with by moving here. I really would like to find something soon, that way I can make my next move.

I am almost completely out of debt. Photobucket I am very proud of myself for getting out, even though I didn't have a lot of it.

My daughter will be 3 in just 4 days! :( this is so depressing for me. It is really going by too fast.Photobucket I really hope to be completely settled somewhere that I want to stay forever by the time she is in Preschool, or kindergarten.

I have alot of unanswered questions, and alot of thinking to do. Hopefully everything pans itself out soon, I would love some answers.

btw, here is a pic of my Belle. <3

and my other love
smile :)