Saturday, January 31, 2015

Purple and pink

Here is some fun colorful hair I've done this week :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Skincare review

One product line I like very much is Dermalogica. This is a professional line recommended by many estheticians and dermatologists.

The skin prep scrub is a very great product. The scrub isn't harsh - the granials are very small and almost sandlike.

It has botanical extracts of mallow, ivy and cucumber plus aloe Vera. There are no artificial colors are fragrances.

One of the most main ingredients is Corn cob meal - me being pregnant I can smell it distinctively. I always tell my husband I want to eat it... Haha

This product is recommended for people with excess oil production.

Price point is $29 for 2.5oz

The second product is intensive moisture masque - this is actually recommended for prematurely aging skin. It is very creamy, scent free and has evening primrose oil and vitamin e. Also plant extracts, honey and vitamins a & c.

This is supposed to sit for 10 minutes, then rinsed off and can be used twice a week if needed. It is recommended to follow up with a face moisturizer.

Price point is $53 for 2.5oz

Overall the price point is high, but I do like the product. 

Le Creuset

My family loves Le Creuset !

Too bad I'm poor and can't drop $800 minimum on a set. I plan on getting rid of all my pots and pans soon and converting over to cast iron.

I'm definitely going to start buying piece by piece of Le Creuset !

If you follow me on Pinterest check out my new Le Creuset board!

New nail color

I was feeling ugly lastnight (haha) so I decided I'd start out with a fresh new coat of polish. (My opi Polish stash is ridiculous)

I'm wearing "I'm fondue of you" by opi. It's pretty! Very winter appropriate w a light shimmer 

Ready for a makeover

I really want to do something different with my hair. I am thinking about cutting it off and adding blonde. My husband isn't real keen on the idea, he loves my dark hair and how long it is getting. I really just feel like I am in a funk and I need something new!!

I regret cutting my hair everytime I do. I love it for about a week, or two, but end up wishing I would have just let it grow.

We will probably be doing a vow renewal soon as well.. that is the only thing in my way. That and I am super picky about who does my hair.. i wish I could just take my head off any do it myself. I guess that is hairstylist problems. lol

Here is a look I am interested in!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Thanks to one of my best friends I started watching Revenge two days ago and I'm already on season 2. Yikes!

I love the clothes, the makeup, the lifestyle... Oh my! If only I could live like that minus the drama hahaha


I love following makeup tutorials on Youtube. I love vlogs!! I was thinking about using my youtube channel to make my own. I am on the hunt for the perfect drugstore foundation, and would love to try them out and leave feedback on here to which ones I like- and which ones I don't.

I recently purchased these makeup sponges on Amazon. They were super cheap! I usually use my finger or makeup brush to apply my foundation, but after watching a tutorial that used these sponges, I am going to give them a try!! Stay tuned. I can't wait until I receive these!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog revamp

I am thinking about doing a whole new blog... changing it up. I would love to have a header with categories, so if you don't care about my food posts, or pregnancy posts you don't have to look at them. hahahaha!

I have a lot of ideas - this blog is a lifestyle blog. I talk about my likes, dislikes, my average day, my kids, my career, I want to get into hair & makeup, home life, budgeting, couponing, etc. if you haven't noticed I live live two separate lives in one.

On one hand, I am family oriented Mom. My kids are my life. Truly. I enjoy cooking, projects around the house and parenting.... When it comes to parenting styles- I am sort of in the middle of the road. We cloth diaper (sometimes- husband can't deal so we buy disposable as well) breastfeed (Ava has been weaned and is on formula ever since I was two months pregnant), we co slept (until Ava became an escape artist- she now sleeps in her crib) so yeah, pretty much in the middle when it comes to how we parent.

We do what works. The best advice I give new moms is, "Don't ask for advice. Do what works for you, because whatever works for someone else might not work for your family." Its so true. if co sleeping works this week- do it. The second it doesn't work- don't do it. At the end of the day, we try not to kill our kids and we try to make them as less screwed up as possible.

MOMS: bee nice and supportive to other moms.

Ok, I guess I have two hands. Like I was saying, on one hand I try to be #1 Mom and wife. I imagine a life being frugal... I wish I could move my family to a farm and become homesteaders. Yes, I want chickens and animals (My handsome husband would be a hot farmer!!!...)

On the other hand, I am a career woman. I am passionate about what I do.. and serious about it. I love dolling up, wearing heels- jewelry, makeup- the whole 9 yards.. (well, maybe not so much pregnant... but shhhh keep that image I gave you in your head) I love fashion (even though I haven't bought an article of clothing in a few months- WHO WANTS TO BUY MATERNITY CLOTHES? NOT me)

But seriously. The other side of me (the one not farming and making babies) craves the city life. the hustle and bustle. The always new. Making money.. lots of it. the independence.. the empire. I want my own empire.

If you are close with me, you know I constantly battle these two very, very different worlds. Maybe I am a schizophrenic hahaha. I am always trying to find the happy medium of both these worlds. As of now, I am in love with my life. I may always be searching for the next best thing for my career or family.. and constantly climbing this mountain we call life, instead of sitting back and just enjoying it.. maybe that's just me, and who I am.

Always thirsty.

Anyways, thanks for going along with me on this ride. I hope to make this blog honest, raw at times, and informative.

I really would like to make it look more professional, and easy to navigate. I am going to spend the rest of Ava's naptime researching. :)

New Year... 2015!

This is my first post of 2015!! I have not been blogging for awhile... I was in it to win it for about two weeks this summer.. then I got pregnant... AGAIN and have had zero energy ... and extra time? What is extra time??

My life nowadays consists of playing Mommy during the day..  (Ava is now almost 1!!) Waiting until Josh gets home, then headed into the salon to work on my fabulous clients.

I am now in my third trimester. We are having another GIRL which is WONDERFUL!! Her name is Cora Violet (gotta keep my flower garden theme going) and she will be joining us at the end of April! We are so beyond blessed.. Really.

Everyone always asks me "when are you done?" The answer is - I don't know. I think three is a great number... but my handsome man isn't done. He tells everyone that we will be pregnant in June. YIKES.

I guess I am not completely sure where our family plan is at the moment, I have to birth this one and figure it out.

One baby at a time. lol

Work is going well. I am in a new salon that I love, see alot of regular clients and have cut back on my days. I am so grateful that Josh can provide for us... With this pregnancy I have been really worn out. I guess it could also be from chasing around an almost one year old around all day. Ava Lily has been walking since she was 9 months old. "wow, that is wonderful!" people say. NO IT ISNT. It is not wonderful one bit. haha

back to the New Year.

I don't have any real resolutions (who keeps up with those anyways?) but I do have some life changing plans for our family.

First, this summer we are moving. More details later... So much is unfolding now, and decisions are being made.

Second, we are being more financially responsible. I have been on and off the couponing train and I am ready to get back on! I have been living on my stockpile for wayyyyyyy too long- Our almost 2 years worth of toilet paper ran out.... PANIC MODE (only couponers understand the feeling) and I am ready to restock!

Stay posted for couponing tips, hauls and stockpile updates.

We are also working on our savings- paying off the little debt that we have. Boring so I am not going to put you to sleep getting into that lol. Basically sitting down, writing up a budget and following it. We are pretty good about not spending on lavish things and being frugal but at times are left wondering, "where did that money go?" We haven't got our tax refund yet, but are already planning on using it for debt and savings. Even though I would LOVE to go on a target run and spend $300 on myself.. it probably wouldn't be the most responsible decision.

I am also creating meal plans. We spend soooooo much money every month on food. its ridiculous. To help cut down I have started doing spaghetti night (every Monday) which costs our family of 4
$6. Also, we have brinner every Sunday (skipped it this last Sunday, so we are having it tonight) It probably costs us $5 if that for our entire family, cheaper if we don't have bacon or sausage.

I am going to make another post on this - breaking down where I am buying the ingredients, how much everything is costing and what we are having later- stay posted.

We will eat out once a week... And of course have our pizza night every Friday.

Our last thing we are working on as a family is attending church.. keeping our house filled with God's love. Lately with the hustle and bustle of the week by Sunday me and Josh are limp on the couch. This summer we were at church on Sundays. I need to nourish my soul... especially after an exhausting week. This sunday- We are going!

What are your resolutions this year? How good are you about following them?