Friday, January 30, 2015

Skincare review

One product line I like very much is Dermalogica. This is a professional line recommended by many estheticians and dermatologists.

The skin prep scrub is a very great product. The scrub isn't harsh - the granials are very small and almost sandlike.

It has botanical extracts of mallow, ivy and cucumber plus aloe Vera. There are no artificial colors are fragrances.

One of the most main ingredients is Corn cob meal - me being pregnant I can smell it distinctively. I always tell my husband I want to eat it... Haha

This product is recommended for people with excess oil production.

Price point is $29 for 2.5oz

The second product is intensive moisture masque - this is actually recommended for prematurely aging skin. It is very creamy, scent free and has evening primrose oil and vitamin e. Also plant extracts, honey and vitamins a & c.

This is supposed to sit for 10 minutes, then rinsed off and can be used twice a week if needed. It is recommended to follow up with a face moisturizer.

Price point is $53 for 2.5oz

Overall the price point is high, but I do like the product.