Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They call me Mellow Yellowww

I love looking at home decor stuff. Once I get a house again I have everything mapped out. I know exactly what I want. lol

Today I came across yellow. I haven't previously thought about yellow before.. but It does look very nice!

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Here is the first picture that gave me some inspiration.
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I would definitely have to live somewhere warm to pull this off though. I can't imagine waking up to a yellow room, only to look out the window and see snow.

I am really surprised that I like this style becuase it looks very contemporary to my taste- but then again I used to LOVE contemporary. I don't like furniture in this pic, I like the bedding, and the lamp, and that beautiful yellow backdrop.

I wouldn't go more drastic than that though. I think yellows are hard to pull off, you have to have a soft shade, otherwise it will look like mustard. lol

I think always having a gold base can help prevent that though.