Friday, February 20, 2009


I got this opportunity to possibly be the Director of RCIA at my Catholic Church. I am definitely interested in this position, its a salary based position, and its part time. I could do hair, and this.

I have been thinking about this over and over, and I would love to do it becuase it would keep me dedicated to my faith, and would be a great thing to do; I'd be able to help others, and its just good work that feeds your soul!

Right now I am just praying about it. I haven't applied, but I have been approached with the idea by a few people involved with RCIA. (if you haven't been reading my blog, I teach the preschool bible class every wed at my church! :) ) I feel great that someone noticed me and told me they thought I would be great for the position.

I don't know if I will apply, I am thinking about it. Either way, I will be helping out like always. Its just something that has been on my mind since Wed night.

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Prodigal Daughter said...

Wow, director of RCIA that is a big job! We returned to the Catholic Church in 2004 and are loving every minute of it. I am sponsoring a friend in RCIA now too and learning a lot right along with her.