Thursday, February 19, 2009

so strange.

So, A few days ago I was txting Ricardo, and he was like, "What are you doing?" and I was like, "washing my face, I just put a mask on, so I'm waiting to wash it off" He was like, "Take a Pic!" and by that time I had already rinsed off my mask, so I was like, "Too late!" and he still wanted a pic.

Against my better judgement, I took a pic (you know how your face looks after you wash it- red/blotchy/etc. hahaha) and needless to say he thinks its his FAVORITE picture of me. haha

I definitely disagree- but ha- Owell.


Amber said...

I saw this on FB and was like WTH? But wow. It's not a bad pic at all, just looks completely different

Sylvia & Rah said...

I love this pic too!! I have to agree with him!!!!

The Jeffries said...

It is a very good pic!!!