Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not getting married.

BUT... Since I was talking with my friend tonight and showing things I want when I DO get married, I thought Id save my ideas somewhere ! haha
Dress. Simple.

Hair loose...

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Clean, and pulled back.

COLORS: Dress, off-white.. I want it to be mostly off white....browns with some golds. The only color I want are light colors within my flowers ... light pink roses, light yellow.. very neutral looking.

I'd like this
Joseph & Feiss Two-Button Ivory Notch Lapel
but obviously the off white HAS to match my dress

Pronto Uomo Chocolate Two-Button Notch Lapel Super 100s Tuxedo

I only want a few bridesmaids. No more than 5. I want a small wedding party.
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Something Plain. This might be too much for me even. I dont like this many flowers on it..

I really would like a chocolate one:

As far as wedding, I would like it to take place in the evening, and have a candlelight wedding

I would LOVE to get married in Mexico, or Greece in an old catholic church.. preferably along the beach (Being Catholic, I can't get married anywhere other than a church)
If I cant have a church on the beach, Ill settle for a reception on the beach at night! :)
Wedding Favors...
Who knows. Maybe a Cd with all the music played at the wedding... My fav wedding favor was a cinnamon roll lol. The couple LOVED cinnamon rolls, and each person got one to take home- YUMMY!
these are cute:

As far as Rings go, I want a Tacori Set. lol
I like the first one... but I like this one too

Ill post more things when I find them lol