Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just got home!

We went to the store real quick becuase I needed to get some detergent, and softener, as well as some children's cough medicine (yup, my poor baby is SICK!)
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Anyways- Emma cashed in and got alot of stuff that she probably doesn't need, but since she was a good girl today, I let her pick out some stuff. She got a dora ball, a carebear sticker book, coloring books, and some dry erase markers (we are working on spelling her name)

Leaving the store I was thinking man, she shouldn't have gotten all this. But sitting here now and having things peaceful and QUIET It doesn't sound like a bad investment. lol Actually, in the past few days she has been really quiet, watching movies, trying to get better. I am dying here at home, not being able to leave much, only to go to the salon.

I can't wait til she kicks this cold. We are going to the zoo, chuck e cheese, whatever.

I have blogged more in the past few days than ever. lol

**After giving her 1/2 a dose of medicine I feel so guilty now becuase I looked up the brand online, and they've been recalled SO many times! I am sick to my stomach now with worry. Emma has never been sick, and I haven't ever had to give her anything before for the flu. This is the last time I give her anything, becuase now I am so worried that she will get awful symptoms, or something worse. :(

Never again will I ever give her cough syrup!!