Friday, February 20, 2009

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Here is the Pizza we made tonight!

We also made Emma a personal pepperoni and cheese one!

Us adults watched:
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Never Forever.

Its a pretty good movie- Definitely not a kid movie, there is lots of sex :/
Its about a woman who has the "perfect" marriage, can't get pregnant becuase her husband has issues with his sperm.. the marriage starts getting shaky because of it. She goes to a sperm bank but they refuse her since she is married, and doesn't want to tell her husband (who is asian btw) Anyways, so while at the bank, she sees a man who is Asian, and hears that they wont let him donate becuase his visa has expired. he leaves upset, and this woman follows him.

She finds out where he works, a laundry mat, and goes home. Her husband tries committing suicide becuase of how depressed he is, so she decides to find the asian man again, and when she does, she offers him 300 dollars everytime they have sex, and 30,000 if she gets pregnant.

He accepts, and eventually she DOES get pregnant, but falls in love with her.. um, whatever you want to call him. lol

Its pretty interesting.