Friday, February 20, 2009


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Lent starts Wed. I won't be eating meat this Wed, or every Friday til Easter.

I am still in the process of thinking about something to give up.

One thing I plan on doing until then is reading out of my bible EVERY night.
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I plan on reading, and making posts about my thoughts on what I read.
I am thinking about making another blog for this, but I might just post it in here. I am not sure yet.

My friend who doesn't have a belief has asked me if I would help them and we could read the bible together, and discuss, etc. They aren't sure what religion they are wanting to be, but is definitely considering Catholicism.

This will be great for me becuase I feel I am alittle rusty on certain things, and I would love to incorporate this back into my life, and refresh myself with it!


Prodigal Daughter said...

If they are considering Catholicism, one book I highly recommend that you could even study together is Catholic and Christian by Alan Schreck.

Missy said...

Thanks! Ill check it out!