Sunday, December 28, 2008


I bought a Leapster for Emma for Xmas. Well, We put batteries in it, and it didnt work!

I went out today and got new ones. It STILL won't work. I went online, and found 3042934 people with the SAME exact issue. So, here I bought Emma an EXPENSIVE toy, PLUS the games for this not to work. I am going to raise HELL.
If you are thinking about buying one of these- DONT!

Here is some info I found if you are having issues like I am :

Change the batteries. Sometimes this seems like a simple and obvious step, but is often overlooked. The Leapster console runs off of four AA batteries.

Hold the power button on the Leapster console. If you still do not see a display on the screen with a fresh set of batteries, then you got one of the bad consoles. This was a bad batch of consoles that were sent out by Leapster.

Gather information. Before you call Leapster customer support, there are a few pieces of information that they are going to want from you. These are place and date of purchase, your complete name, your mailing address, the serial number of your Leapster learning system (this can be found on the Leapster console, usually on a sticker or engraved onto the back on some models) and your Leapster model.

Contact Leapster customer support at (800) 701-5327. They should be able to replace your Leapster learning system free of charge. With all of your information ready, it should be quick and easy to get a replacement console.

Write down the RMA number given to you by the tech support person. This will be used by them as a reference point on your particular return. You will need to include this on the shipping label when you ship your console back to Leapster.