Thursday, December 4, 2008

Change Of Plans

I am so frustrated. My tags expired for my car, and since I am in Missouri I am getting a MO plate. Well, I have no idea where my title is, the paper that I DO have is a receipt of my title. I've always given that form, and have never had a problem, or even knew it wasn't the ACTUAL title. lol

I went last week with my mom, Emma and my brother and sisters to Lexington to get everything done. I got my license, went up to the desk, the lady informed me that it was just the receipt, but since it has all the information on it they would use it. My mom forgot some of the paper work she needed for her license, so after the lady informed me that I had to go to the court house to get a tax slip, we knew we had to come all the way back there becuase my mom needed her license switched so I just said, "the hell with it, Ill go with you the next time, we will run inside the courthouse, get my slip then get it all taken care of". Then we just went to lunch.

So today we decided to go. I called ahead to see how much money the plate was, and double checked EVERYTHING. The lady THEN told me that I have to get my title. I told the lady the situation, said that a lady I saw said she could still do it, becuase the receipt of my title was exactly the same as my title, just said RECEIPT on it and had everything she needed. The lady muffles the phone and says "This woman is on the phone and doesn't have her title so she can't come in here for her license plate until she has it right?" Of course she got a no. I was like "I TALKED TO SOMEONE WHO SAID IT WOULD BE OK, CAN YOU ASK ? I HAVE THIS SLIP WITH ALL THE INFORMATION ON IT"

Needless to say I should have just ran inside the courthouse and got the tax slip becuase now they aren't letting me file for my plate.

I had to go online, order another title.. which might get here in a week.

So now I am wondering what the heck I should do about going to Indiana. I was wanting to drive so I would have my car, but now I am worried that I wont have my plate by the date I told Edel. Edel has plane tickets for me and Emma becuase he got them for his cousins' quince in CA, and didn't have us come.

So, I can use those tickets to fly out there, but the problem is, I wont have a car. If I get a rental since I am under 25 its going to cost me like $400+ and I really don't want to spend that much money on a 4 day trip to see him. Not to mention I plan on staying in a hotel maybe while I am there, plus keeping my car at the airport will be another $60.

Ugh. I am so annoyed. I hate when things get screwed up. I am sure I will get everything figured out. It will workout I am sure, but ughhh