Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok, so I have been totally stressing these past few weeks becuase I want to go to college, etc.

Well, I have decided something. I am going to start working again. I don't like Missouri. At all. I want to move back to Ohio. I am going to apply at a college in Dayton for Fall.

Until then, I am going to look for work- which will probably be waitressing but I want to save up some money so I can get out of here. My mom will be very upset, but I cant live unhappy anymore. I miss having my own place... friends, and having a LIFE.

I have family in ohio, and I was making friends there too. (I was born there lived there until I was 8, then moved to indiana and moved back to ohio when I was 20)

Anyways- This is the best decision for me. Why go to a college here if I really dont LIKE IT here? The college here is great- I probably will get in, but the commute would suck, and moving to the town the college in is OUT of the question- its a SMALL town, with like NOTHING there.

Its just not me. I have known this for such a long time, and I have been looking for reasons to start liking it here, etc. but really, why not just go back somewhere that I LOVE. I LOVED dayton. I did

I can't worry about hurting my parents' feelings. I have to make decisions for myself, and moving here in the first place was solely to make my parents happy.

I can still visit here on breaks, etc. but I need to live my life. Im sure theyll understand, but be sad at the same time, but its just something I have to do.

I am seriously on cloud 9. I have been avoiding the real issue for such a long time, and now I feel content with my decision!