Sunday, December 7, 2008

Italian Charm Bracelet

I haven't worn my charm bracelet since highschool. Emma was putting on some of my jewelry earlier tonight, and showed me my bracelet. I loved it. I would use my own money buying the charms, which at the time were rather pricey.

Emma wore it all night and I have decided to buy her charms she can have her own.
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I think I am going to add to the one I have, and possibly make another one. Things have changed since I was in highschool, like my interests.
On my charm Bracelet I have M. I. S. S. (my friends would call me Miss) lips, a dollar sign, a heart, a horseshoe, a cross, butterly, (I love you) I believe Emmas dad got me that, lady bug, cheerleader, Best friends (from Katie), a soccerball, a star, a read heart, dance slippers (me and my friends LOVED going to Tippy's it was a club)
I cant wait to make a new one. I am so excited to buy more charms, and make another bracelet!
Im even more excited to get one for emma! I am going to look at charms tonight! I might have it completed by xmas, so that will give her another gift.
**UPDATE** I just bought 27 more charms! lol Emma will have enough for a bracelet, and Ill have enough for another too!