Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Pretty Things.

Forever I was looking forward to Winter, but now I am looking forward for summer to come back around. Yes, I never thought I would say it! Since I LOVE roses, I am kind of missing them, and am excited to see them in the yard again! This summer we are planting a LARGE garden (last summer it was smaller, with just herbs, peppers, and tomatoes)

We want to do some canning, etc.

Also, Since we have the fence up now we are going to finish the landscaping, buy decor for the backyard, as well as make a firepit, etc! I am just reallllly excited for all these projects.

We have a pretty deck (covered) that we have a dining table (glass) and like cream colored chairs... They actually are supposed to be an inside set, but my mom had 3 dining room sets before me moved here so that was the one that was outside. lol Its actually really pretty, and fine outside. the chairs are leather, very similar to this:

We have pretty white slipcovers for them
like these:
I think it would be so pretty if we dressed the tops of the chairs like this.
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We plan on putting a large ceiling fan outside .. vintage looking,330&qlt=75&cvt=jpeg
And we want to put white netting curtains to keep out the bugs while we are on the deck like these:
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That way we can pull them to the side if we need to.

Or Even put the mosquito needing around the table,
like this one that I posted in a previous entry:
We are also planning on painting our deck a weather white washed look.

My mom is on a hunt right now, and is eyeing a old screen porch door that we found at an antique mall here. She wants to incorporate it somewhere on the deck.

I can't wait to see everything pulled together. We have alot of work to do thats for sure!
Its going to be so pretty. We have tons of roses, hot pink, and light pink.. and we have rose climbers that climb up our deck, and next year its going to be more matured so we should have our deck well covered with them!