Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

I learned soooooo much about myself in 2008. I took trips, I fell in and out of love. I have struggled, and been on top. I got to spend valuable time with Emma. More time then I was ever able to spend (since she was a newborn) and I honestly LOVED every minute of it.

I met a few people. GREAT people. I have had my hand in alittle drama. I've taken chances.

I found answers. I can't even imagine what 2009 will hold for me. I know its going to be something big.

Some of my memories from 2008:

  • The whole summer with Emma
  • Going to Florida to see Alex
  • Also, going to New York... I had some of my best times with that man <3
  • Taking Emma to Disney. An absolute amazing experience! Never in a million years would I think Emma would have enjoyed it THAT much. She SOAKED it in, and it was the BEST trip ever.
  • Going to Branson
  • Going to the amusement park!
  • My sister and her family came to visit
  • Seeing my Friends from Indiana, having seriously the BEST week.
I had alot of questions in 2008. I lost my direction. I felt hopeless about my situation. Thankfully I finally got some answers. Now in 2009 I can just work towards my goal.

Im ready to close this book, and start the next. There aren't any chapters left to write!

Heres to 2009! May it be less stressful, and MORE memorable !