Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mini Vacay

Me and Emma will be going back home to Indiana, so she can visit her father, and her grandparents. I am not excited about this trip, however, it will be very nice to see friends that I haven't seen in awhile!

I plan on going for 4 days maybe. I will be staying one night in the town I lived, then I will be going to Chicago to visit my sister. It will be so hard for me to leave Emma with her father.. She doesn't really like being around him, so it will break my heart leaving her there! Going to Chicago will take my mind off of it I am sure. I can take the train there, and not have to worry about driving.

Afterwards I plan on driving over to Ohio so I can see my family!! I might meet up with friends while I am there too!! Oh how much I miss Ohio!

I can't wait to be back there, and go to my favorite restaurants too!
I don' think we will make our way back to Missouri for a week, or more.

On the way to Indiana, I really want to stop in Hannibal, MO
(Home of Mark Twain .. Huckleberry Finn)

I have been wanting to visit the town. Its a really old town sitting along the Mississippi River between Missouri and Illinois. There is a museum there, and caves. I think it would probably be nicer to see it when its NOT so cold, but we will be passing it, so we might as well just stop.