Thursday, December 25, 2008

Long time.

I havent blogged in forever- But I thought I would do a quick update. I just got home yesterday after many flight cancellations from Indiana. I ended up having to get a car rental, and driving my ass 10 hrs to get here lol

Anyways- here are some pics :

Mindy, Me, Ali <3

Me and Chelsea

Me and Ash at the bar

Me Ashley, and Adrian

me Ashley and Fabian

us and dex

Us and Cody


Me and Chris

Me and Ash lol

Me and Jose

Me and Carlos

Aww Hes so cute

me and anthony

Carlos, ash, cameron

Me and Fabian

Me and Ash

Me and Lee, even tho he made me cry 30 min later lol


Juan and Ramon


Me and Matt