Friday, March 13, 2009


I have tons of posts already!!! Very addictive.

  1. watching rachel is getting married
  2. cherry lime slushies are the bomb.
  3. just left the post office...headed to sonic to get slushies w my bro <3
  4. bad to the bone ringtones make you look like a retard-not bad to the bone!
  5. at the librarrrry
  6. why do highschoolers look so... little?
  7. picking up my dewie
  8. getting readyyy
  9. just made Emmy a peanut butter and honey sandwich! her favorite!
  10. NO meat today!-its Friday
  11. is it really that hard to pronounce Mulvihill?
  12. I am excited for tonight
  13. i love how emma insists on sharing a pillow w me. ahh =) i have my two loves cuddled with me- emmy and belle <3
  14. washing my face...then going to beddd. what a day! Hopefully tonight Ill fall asleep unlike lastnight =(
  15. oh, and... I want to drink alcohol but I cant becuase of lent FML
  16. wants to be in NYC ... eating tons of food that I cant have
  17. Im loving twitter
  18. Watching Extra.... <3