Saturday, March 14, 2009

Holiday Baskets

I am so excited to get Emma's Easter basket together!
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Every holiday I get a basket of stuff together for Emma. I know I should be planning her St. Patricks day basket, but with all the Easter stuff in the stores I am sooooo excited to plan for that!

I am going to go to the gap tomorrow and look for a St. Patty's day shirt.
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I am going to have to hunt down St. Patty's day candy.. which might be alittle more difficult- but.. I plan on getting her stickers, etc. so maybe candy won't be a big part of it- Easter is coming anyways and shell get plenty of candy then.

My favorite baskets to do are Fourth of July ones! Emma LOVED hers last yr. It had sparklers, bubbles, and outside stuff. I think St. Patty's day might be the hardest basket to put together.