Friday, March 20, 2009

Let me Baffle Your Mind for One Minute.

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I was txting to a friend today, and this came up.
When talking about relationships, and where they will go, etc. I wrote this, and pondered on it for awhile.

"but doesn't everything come to an end? Good things, bad things...either way isn't an ending the closure that sometimes we all need regardless of the outcome?"

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Eventually, EVERYTHING comes to an end. Relationships, jobs, having children, any life experience. There is always an ending to something. Even if something ends awful, reflecting back on it there is good that comes out of it- ITS OVER, its the end, its done, and over with!

Things that end greatly, (having the house you always wanted.. having a wonderful man, having beautiful children who you love, getting the job you have hoped for...etc) you can sit back and reflect the same. Its over, its done with, yay!

In a way, all endings can be good.
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Laci said...

....unless your Octomom...... sorry! Had to! LOL!!!