Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emma's Birthday!

I still have alittle while, but I have begin the process of planning what we are doing.

I was going to have a chuck e cheese party, but I have decided to stay home instead- well, Emma says she wants her party outside. We have a HUGE blow up slide (when I say HUGE I mean, its almost as tall as our house ) and I really really want to invite her friends from Church class. I don't think I will invite the neighborhood kids becuase we have lived here over a yr, and none of them have EVER invited Emma to their birthdays. One of them I KNOW for a fact had a party (her mom asked us for ingredients for their bday cookies but didn't invite us )


She wants it to be princess themed. I am planning on making the cake. Here is an idea of what I want:


Or even with Fondant:

I am not really sure yet. I think it would be fun to grill out, have the kids play in the kiddie pool, sprinklers, and the giant slide.

I am excited to have a birthday party with friends!!