Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things I hate

I always talk about things I like, so I thought I would make a blog about my dislikes/phobias. I am a freak for sure.

  1. Fish- I am horrified of them!!! Also, I won't eat them
  2. Cans- I hate drinking out of cans (they are so dirty) and I hate eating things from cans because in Alzheimer patients they have found specs of aluminum in their brains!!
  3. I never spell You're correctly. 98% of the time I spell it just "your"
  4. Claustrophobic- I hate small spaces, even hate when shoes, or socks are too tight
  5. Hands and Feet- I will not hold peoples hands... I cringe when I have to shake someones' hand, and I hate when people touch my feet.
  6. Public Bathrooms- I would rather pee on myself then touch ANYTHING in a public bathroom
  7. Animal mountings- I seriously get light headed and fainty
  8. I wont swim in dark water
  9. I hate the word Balls (I gag at the word)
  10. Being hot... If I get hot, or sweaty I turn into the most evil person ever.
  11. I hate sweet potatoes, cereal, chips, and watermelon
  12. I hate hospitals, and needles
  13. unpolished nails
  14. body hair ... I even wax my arms at times. My eyebrows are perfect at all times.
  15. Crocs- Who on earth invented such ugly shoes?!
  16. PeOpLe wHo TyPe lIkE tHis
  17. People who talk like their gangsters when they clearly aren't.
  18. The sounds of itching
  19. Throat noises
  20. Being tickled
  21. terrorists- I dream about terrorists like at least 3 times a week.
  22. When people hit silverware against their teeth
  23. Pre- Teens God help Emma when she becomes that age.
  24. Tshirts and clothing that have words on them like "cute, sexy, etc." You are not cute!

I think that is all.


Amber said...

hahaha BALLS