Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saving Money, one penny at a time.

I used to think thrifting was weird. I had no problem dropping loads of things off at the donation bin but never went to a goodwill, or other thrift stores.

Then came in my best friend. She is the QUEEN of thrift shopping. She finds EVERYTHING for a deal, and always has awesome stuff! I started tagging along with her.  I never found anything for myself but loved  seeing what she ended up with.

I first started with old records. I love my record player. I found alot of old records cheap- 50 cents to a dollar a piece. Then i started finding pyrex... I never ventured off to the clothing section- eeek too scary.

One day I decided to. I found Levi jeans with tags for emma. Also found Justice jeans with tags. I immediately started scavenging all over for awesome deals. I ended up finding cheap snow pants, justice shirts - a robe... all in one trip. not only did I find awesome stuff but they had everything 60% off. Yeah, I felt like doing cartwheels on my way to my car.

Then 6 months went buy and I didnt find anything. I am really picky. I only buy like new or in mint condition, so I know I am hard to please.

fast forward a year or so later... I got into antiques, vintage items. I used to have a booth at an antique mall, so I would shop around for things I could sell in it. Last summer I decided to look for vintage items and opened a shop on Instagram. I sold pyrex and other cool things. I made my money back plus had some spending money after. I am taking a break for now, I may start back up this summer.

Anyway.. I am at the point that I really don't look for emma. I buy everything new for her. I find awesome deals at jcpenny, target, macys and old navy. Plus things that are Emma's size are usually very worn, and like I said, I am PICKY!

I didn't think about thrifting for Ava, but started looking around during this pregnancy, and holy cow, I have found so many things CHEAP for babies and everything is in MINT condition- brand new - with babies, they grow out of things so fast that everything looks great. Here are some things I have found in the last month:

Tonight I got  a sleeper, pants, three sweatshirts and two long sleeve shirts for $8! They had 40% off everything in the store 

These were $3 for all!

Old navy hoodie for $1.60

60 cents a piece 


$1.60- retails for $30!

20 cents a piece

$14 for all