Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today!...well, I guess you could say yesterday lol

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I had a great day. Me and Emma played most of the afternoon, and just relaxed! It was nice.

After that, I went tanning, and got home to Ricardo wanting to webcam- which was really nice becuase I miss him.

I also got to talk to Mindy briefly today on the phone <3>
Here are my plans for tomorrow:
  • Run to the store, pick up some Easter Cards- get them sent out! PRONTO
  • Swing by the post office, and mail the cards/and two packages I need to get out
  • Take Emma to the library and get her books for the week
  • Take back our Redbox movie
  • Take Emma to lunch, or somewhere special, just us two! <3
  • Go Tanning
  • Clean out my car
  • Workout
I am going to get most of my cleaning done tonight so I can just wakeup, shower and we can go out for the day.