Thursday, April 2, 2009


I went to Gap today, and was looking around for a dress to wear this weekend for my work's openhouse...

well.... I had a 10 dollar gap coupon (They send me "rewards" since I am ALWAYS buying things for Emma in there) Anyways- so I tried on a few dresses- and the lady who was helping me grabbed this dress:

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The hemming is beautiful- this pic doesn't give it justice. Its vintage.. almost A line. Very 1960s. It has embroidery allover. The hemming is about 2 inches thick, and just beautiful. its a cream dress. It was a size smaller than the dresses I was trying on, the lady brought it and said "try it on".

I did, and it FIT! I was surprised. It was alittle tight though. I asked how much it was and it was SIXTY dollars. Nothing I want to be spending at the moment. :(

She told me she just marked it down to FOUR DOLLARS becuase it was her last one!

omg.. Am I lucky or what?

I ended up getting another marked down purple T, and walked out paying NOTHING for the both after I had used my giftcard. (75 dollar value)