Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wintery wonderland

Yesterday, the news said we were getting a huge snowstorm! So of course stuff like this gets me and my Mom all hyped up. The thought of being completely snowed in excites us!

We went to the store (being the squirrels we are) and picked up a few things before the big storm. I snagged some Koolaid Jammers for $1.50 a piece! The store had them marked down to $2.00, and I had 50cent coupons so I ended up getting three.

Rotisserie chickens were on sale too - $3.99 a piece, so me and my mom got 4 of them. Good deal :)

After picking up Emma from school the snow started to fall. They told us we were getting anywhere from 5-9 inches! We went over to my moms, and ate Mexican Pan, and tamales. At night we played Sequence, and drank champagne.

Luckily, Alice and Belle were with us, so we decided to just stay at my moms (who lives two doors down from me) and worry about digging out in the morning. I think Camille was happy to have Belle and Alice's company. Of course Emma didn't have school today.

This morning I walked down to my house and started shoveling. My nice neighbor came out with his snow blower (it was one of those aaaahhhh moments where you feel like you are being saved) and snowblowed my driveway, in 5 min flat. I am so very thankful to him!!

Once we were home and all cozy, and settled I a heated  rotisserie chicken for lunch. I decided to make chicken soup with the left overs.

Later we watched Cry Baby (I haven't seen it since I was little!!) Emma wasn't very interested, and instead of laying on the couch with Mom, she refrained to playing quietly with her barbies.

Shortly after, Emma and the dogs took a nap, and I squeezed in some much needed alone time. I got in the tub, and read Eat Pray Love. I started it a few days ago and hardly get any time to actually read without interruptions. :)

Did I mention we haven't had cable for a week? And the fact that it is reallllllly killing me not to have it? I thought I wouldn't miss it much, but the truth is- I have a few shows that I am withdrawing from, and will probably be calling Comcast sometime soon to get it back. FAIL. We don't spend a whole lot of time watching tv, we are always playing, doing crafts, cooking, something.. but television is something I enjoy when I am winding down after getting Emma to bed, etc. One of those guilty pleasures I guess.