Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Job Hunt/Update

I have been looking for a job FOREVER now, and still no one has been calling me back. This is getting so frustrating. I am seriously BROKE at this point, and am hoping for something to come up soon.

I had a wonderful time in Chicago.

On Friday we went out to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Mayan Palace. It was delicious. Afterward, we went to a bar, and hungout there for awhile. Amanda and Lena ended up going home, and I stayed out with Amanda's boyfriends and his friends.
Mayan Palace dinning area

Saturday I met Ricardo at the train, we walked back to Amanda's, hungout there for alittle while, then took a cab to Michigan Ave. We went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (he has NEVER been there, so I said we just HAD to go lol) and I ordered chicken terriaki and he ordered chicken alfredo. It was so good. We sat and talked after dinner for like an hour. The whole time we had great conversation, which was nice.

Afterward, we walked around for about an hour. It was so nice, and sooooo cold. lol

It was so nice though!!! Afterward we took a cab back to my sisters and had some drinks, then went out to my FAVORITE bar, Central.

While we were there, we danced, and just had a good time.

We didnt get back home until like 4 am. lol

On Sunday we woke up, hungout for alittle bit, then went to the train station and said our goodbyes. lol I was sad to leave, It was so nice seeing Amanda, Lena, and John... and really nice seeing Ricardo too :)

I miss it already!