Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back from my audtion!

I had an interview yesterday that went extremely well at this AWESOME salon, and then an audition today that ALSO went AMAZINGLY!

It went great

I am happy I was soooo nervous this morning and all lasntight!

I think I pretty much got the job since they told me to come in tomorrow and fill out my state test

Which means I got it, but they still havent said "you got the job" but I dont know what I wouldnt assume I did

I did a guys hair this morning, he had a punk look... Hes in a band, loved his cut, and then afterward was like, Hey, Ill take you around town since you dont know anyone

and then I did a ladies hair who was awesome too... she loved it, i highlighted it, and gave her some red lowlights, and then cut it... and she asked if I wanted to hangout with her and her friends tomorrow night


I am so happy