Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Evening ritual

Nothing feels better than washing your face... Especially with Mary Kay's TimeWise facial products!! Love them


I absolutely love Atkins products!! They taste great and keep me on a healthy track during my pregnancy. I try to eat very healthy throughout the day, & watch my carb and sugar intake. :)


Had to redo my nails! They were still looking pretty good but with hands In water every day, I was ready to get a fresh new look! How do you like them? I love the lace!

Lunch staple

Most of my lunches consist of a spinach salad with chicken.. Fruit.. Or an egg. Sometimes all. I try to eat very light and healthy throughout the day so I make sure to have my main staple: spinach mix!

 Today I had a boring salad... I added blueberries and cheese and topped it off with a light Asian dressing :D

Pizza night!

LWe had pizza tonight ! I love homemade pizza! I made three types (my fam lives off left overs throughout the week)

bbq chicken
Buffalo chicken 


New obsession

Life planners :D

Ordered my kikki a few days ago. She's in Australia and will be here in about a wk! 

Oh Kikki... I can't wait until you get here!!

I hit up the target one spot.. I can't wait decorate her!!

I have everything organized ... I seriously can't wait until we move and I can set up my office! I have a pottery barn craft table that I plan to work at! 

I'm currently storing everything in my 20 cent michaels baskets!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Totally investing in lots of Atkins products.

This shake was delicious!! And guilt free. 

Chicken fajitas

Trying to eat healthy... Not huge on carbs or sugars.. Here is a meal I made tonight :)

Chicken fajitas only I didn't eat the tortilla.

On my chicken breast I put cheese... Green peppers onions cilantro ... Lots of flavor! 

My salad consisted of spinach, strawberries and blueberries with a vinaigrette :) it was really good!